Jules obtained his PhD in environmental microbiology from Delft University of Technology in February 2020. He has supervised multiple student projects and has co-published six peer reviewed papers and one patent. He is passionate about microbiology, sustainability and mentorship.

Jan Pieter is an engineer entrepreneur. He has worked in Brazil for 8 years, being 4 as a petroleum engineer at Petrobras. Later on, he graduated in TIAS Full-Time MBA (Tilburg). After working with the incubators HighTech XL (Eindhoven) and Holland Startup (Utrecht), he understands the importance of taking time to listen to the customers and to meet their needs. He is passionate about football, yoga, veganism and circular economy.

Puck Achterberg is a curious microbiologist and biochemical engineer with a passion for the outdoors. In August 2021, she attained her master’s degree in Life Science & Technology from the Delft University of Technology. She is excited to contribute to issues regarding the health of the planet and its people with her scientific background.

Pepijn is currently graduating on his master of science Life Science & Technology at Delft University of Technology, which he combines with the master Management of Technology. After his study, he intends to work in a position to manage research with a focus on sustainability. He is passionate about sustainability, economics and politics and he has a passion for travelling, fitness and health.

Timo van Erven is 26 years old and currently is finishing his Masters in Life Science and Technology. He finished his Bachelors’ in Nijmegen, during which he learned that he is passionate about biotechnology and its Industrial applications. In his free time he enjoys sports, mainly swimming and gym, reading books, and playing board- and videogames.