bookmark_borderNew team members – Briek and Jerry

In 2022, two new team members have joined our mission to make the sustainable lactic acid on the market. Briek Starink is in the pursuit of executing, with our team, a great pilot using our sustainable bioprocess technology at a 1000x lab scale. Jerry Chen has joined to accelerate our business development. His participation will enable Nature’s Principles to enter our first markets faster, getting more product-feedback loops with our customers to accelerate product development. We are very happy to have these two gentlemen on board!

bookmark_borderGrow-22 panel discussion

At the Grow-22 festival, organised by Kekkilä BVB, Jules, our CTO, participated in a panel discussion on future packaging, together with Jarrko Leivo, Technology Director at Brightplus and Marck Hagen, Innovation Director at Kekkilä BVB. It was a great experience to have joined this discussion and we hope to accelerate sustainable packaging innovations. You can watch the panel discussion here!

bookmark_borderEmerging Microbial Technologies for Next Generation Biochemical Production

EMT conferences invites you to travel, if possible CO2-neutral, to the first and perhaps only edition of Emerging Microbial Technologies (EMT), for Next Generation Biochemical Production.

Abstracts requirements can submitted here and are limited at 250 words (preferably even less).

You are welcome, to the humble city of Delft, the Netherlands the 27th of May 2022.

bookmark_borderHappy to announce our first investors

Today we officially celebrate our new investors, SHIFT invest and Jeroen van Rotterdam. Read also the whole press release on the website of SHIFT:

“The investment originates from SHIFT’s Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) Circular fund and angel investor Jeroen van Rotterdam. The investment will be used to expand the team and test a larger scale pilot production. In the pilot, Nature’s Principles will convert European sugar beets into lactic acid, validating its patented fermentation process with a 1,000x larger scale. The market for lactic acid is growing rapidly, mainly driven by its potential as the basis for more sustainable alternatives to oil-based chemicals, such as bioplastic ingredients. Nature’s Principles’ mixed-culture fermentation process enables the use of more sustainable feedstocks such as sugar beet as its inputs, providing a cost-effective end product.

Founders Jules Rombouts and Jan Pieter van Tilburg are “very happy to have SHIFT and Jeroen on board. With their investment and expertise Nature’s Principles will be well positioned to take the next step and make fermentation-based biochemicals.”

‘Nature’s Principle perfectly fits the scope of our TTT fund” says Bart Budde, Investment Manager at SHIFT. “The process that Nature’s Principles is developing has the potential to significantly decrease the environmental footprint of the production of lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives. Nature’s Principles could therefore contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable and biobased economy.” 

Nature’s Principles is an example of what the TTT fund is aiming to achieve. The TU Delft spin-off has been backed by the RVO supported TTT Circular Technology program through the ideation and proof of concept phase. This investment from the TTT fund will kickstart the next phase of the company.”

bookmark_borderFirst ever hire!

We are happy to disclose out first hire! Puck Achterberg, fresh from the presh of TU Delft, a curious microbiologist and biochemical engineer, is on board as of 1st December 2021. Thanks to our investors for making it possible for us to grow the team with, what we believe, is the best engineer in 2021 available on the market!!!

bookmark_borderNature’s Principles opens up headquarters at YES!Delft

From 1st October 2021 onwards we will be located at YES!Delft innovator hub at the Molengraafsingel 12 in Delft, the Netherlands. We have experienced a nice welcome, so far. Thanks to the guys at NURTIO to set up a proper wifi router!! Already, many meetings with investors and potential partners and candidate interviews took place and the coffee still tastes great. We are also very happy to have joined the YES!Delft accelerator program to learn, build, grow and develop our team and company. Let’s disrupt the lactic acid production industry!

bookmark_borderInterviewed by TU Delft Campus

We were interviewed by Jochen Meischke of de TU Delft Campus online magazine on our mission and technology. You can read on how we aim to change the world of plastic production using our L-lactic acid ecology-based production process, in Dutch, but feel free to translate and share!

bookmark_borderLab validation continues in Q1/Q2 of 2021

We are testing a new biobased European feedstock with our patented enrichment technology with the aim to yield >70% (g/g) of L-lactic acid on carbohydrate fed.

In parallel we are running a downstream processing base case process to obtain high purity L-lactic acid in water as a 1st platform product. One our purification steps is a carbon treatment to remove organic impurities.

We highly appreciate the financial support of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) through the take off 1 grant – to support our work in this technical feasibility study. Also, we thank Delft University of Technology for facilitating us.

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Let’s make lactic acid 30% cheaper this winter!

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