Our story

Harman and Jules grew up in Schiebroek, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. They became good friends and attended the same primary and secondary school. They shared a passion for (wind)surfing and skating and enjoyed being outdoors in nature.

Being excited about science and engineering, Jules obtained his Masters degree in Life Science and Technology at Delft University of Technology. They always kept in contact, and went on the occasional surftrip. In 2015, Jules started his PhD on the microbial ecology of carbohydrate fermentations. Here, the first positive results were obtained that led to the process to produce L-lactate using mixed cultures. In 2019, Harman joined the team to sharpen the business case and strenghten the strategy during the Validation Lab course of YES!Delft. After succesfully obtaining their first grant in 2020, they decided to set up the company nature’s principles.