bookmark_borderNew tech season started

We have new team members! Pepijn Kooij and Timo van Erven have started their MSc thesis projects at Delft University of Technology and nature’s principles as of September 2021. Timo is further developing our fermentation technology, pushing forward to get a “PLA-grade” fermentation performance. Pepijn is on the refinery part, to further refine our lactic acid products.

bookmark_borderInterviewed by TU Delft Campus

We were interviewed by Jochen Meischke of de TU Delft Campus online magazine on our mission and technology. You can read on how we aim to change the world of plastic production using our L-lactic acid ecology-based production process, in Dutch, but feel free to translate and share!

bookmark_borderLab validation continues in Q1/Q2 of 2021

We are testing a new biobased European feedstock with our patented enrichment technology with the aim to yield >70% (g/g) of L-lactic acid on carbohydrate fed.

In parallel we are running a downstream processing base case process to obtain high purity L-lactic acid in water as a 1st platform product. One our purification steps is a carbon treatment to remove organic impurities.

We highly appreciate the financial support of the Dutch Research Council (NWO) through the take off 1 grant – to support our work in this technical feasibility study. Also, we thank Delft University of Technology for facilitating us.

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Let’s make lactic acid 30% cheaper this winter!

Late take-offs: you've got to be fast and precise | Photo: Scholtz/WSL
Surfer taking off
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bookmark_borderSecond funding secured

Through the Dutch Research Council (NWO) we have secured a second round of funding for a feasibility study. Using these resources, we will investigate the potential of our ecology-based L-lactate production using different feedstocks. In parallel, we will produce the first 100 mL of concentrated L-lactic acid solution. Also, we will calculate the economic performance of our process using these different feedstocks.

bookmark_borderSecured first funding

We secured our first funding to perform lab scale research in 2020 in February 2020. This funding was provided by the TTT fund, which aims to support technology trasnfer of universities into commercial applications within the context of creating a circular economy. Check this Dutch press release for more information on the fund.